central casualty services
    (a) Whether working: Yes
    (b) Accommodation for staff on duty:-
    Doctors : 7 Medical Officers
    Nurses: 1 Sister i/c. / Staff Nurses - 7
    Students : 15 days’ posting in 6th semester
    Other paramedical staff : Dresser-2, O.T. Asstt.-1, Barber-2, Attendant-4,  
    Ambulance Attendant – 6
    (c) No. of emergency beds in casualty: 6 beds
    (d) Working arrangement of casualty services
    (i) No. of casualty medical officers:  7 Casualty Medical Officers
    (ii) Consultants services : Attended by Lecturers on duty
    (iii) Nature of services : All Medical, Surgical units
    (iv) Average daily attendance of patients : 62/day 
    (e) Resuscitation services facilities :-
    (i) Oxygen supply: YES
    (ii) Ventilation: YES
    (iii) Defibrillator: YES
    (iv) Fully equipped disaster trolleys:   YES
    (f) Facilities provided :-
    (i) X-ray: YES
    (ii) Operation theatre: YES
    (iii) Laboratory facilities: Yes, in Pathology lab.
    (g) Ambulance service :  Yes
    Number :  2
    (h)Whether facilities for medico-legal examination exist or not? YES
     If yes, whether separate staff is posted or not. : Done by CMO on duty
     Post-mortem conducted by FMT staff on duty
    (i) Posting of interns in casualty - Yes 
    If yes, No. of days  -15 days as per University rules

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