(1) Operation theatres -
    (a) Number : 8
    (b) Arrangement & Distribution : Main OT-5, Labour OT-1, Oph.OT-1
    Minor OT-1
    (c) Equipment : 
    (including Anesthesia equipment) :      Available
    (d) Facilities available in each O.T. unit - Present / Absent
    (i) Waiting room for patients : Available
    (ii) Soiled Linen room : Available
    (iii) Sterilisation room : Available
    (iv) Nurses duty room: Available
    (v) Surgeons & Anaesthetists room 
         For Males : Available
         For Females : Available
    (vi) Assistants room: Available
    (vii) Observation gallery for students : Available
    (viii) Store room: Available
           Washing room for surgeons & Assistants-Available
           Students washing up and dressing up room-Available
    (2) Arrangement of Anesthesia : Available
    (a) Pre-anaesthetic care :
    (b) Nature of anesthesia used : 
    (c) Post-anesthetic care :
    Pre-operative ward (no. of beds) : 10 beds
    Post-operative ward (no. of beds) : 10 beds
    Resuscitation facilities and special equipment: Available


    शेवटचा बदल : 23-02-2018